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Blood Wounds by Susan Beth Pfeffer


“Oh, why, why did you write this book’, this was the thought that came into my mind throughout the reading of the book and I managed to finish it just for the sake of it.

The author has written 70 books and this is what she writes? I wonder how the other books are. The story started well off, with Willa and her happy family. I thought it was a mystery novel, it wasn’t. Oh wait, this is a psychological thriller. It wasn’t. May be a drama. What drama?

The characters are underdeveloped, have no focus and arbitrary, contradict themselves all the time. Willa, a 16 year old, who lives with the mother, stepfather and stepsisters, doesn’t know anything of her father, never wanted to know until she knows he wants to kill her. Now she wants to know all about him and goes to the extent of visiting her mother’s birthplace. Oh, how interesting! But there’s nothing new that she comes to know of. How boring! The book goes from happy-terrible-happy family thing. The author wanted to create a horrible scenario and change it back to happy, except the fact that she fails to do both.

Well, the title is misplaced, the book offers nothing new, there’s nothing to look forward to, there’s no plot, nothing moves, except for the characters’ escaping from here to there.

I would have given the book two stars, had there been any element of storytelling. Even if she had gone into the depth of Willa’s psychological problem, atleast it would have been something. But well, there’s nothing, so I would say if you still want to read it, have a not-so happy reading and if you don’t, good decision.



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