Mortal Prey (Lucas Davenport, #13) by John Sandford

Now, this was a great book. It started off as a thriller and had elements of mystery thrown in here and there. I loved the character of Rinker, a really strong woman, both physically and mentally. It was fascinating to read through her plans and moves. It was a very well developed character. Then Lucas, as is multiply referred to in the book, is a lucky chap. He keeps on throwing himself in Rinker’s path.

The book is about Rinker, a killer, whose fiancee and unborn child are killed in an attempt to kill her. Enraged, she decides to take revenge. The problem- FBI and Lucas Davenport, who are a step behind her. But can they stop her from killing? She’s too smart to be stopped. And there begins the wild goose chase. A fast-paced book that’s a powerful page-turner and you marvel at the plots, at Rinker and her constantly working mind.

This was the first book I read from the author and I have been told his other books are great too. Will I give them a try? Sure enough, I will.

A recommended book for all you thriller-lovers.


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