The Accidental Bride (A Big Sky Romance) by Denise Hunter

The Accidental Bride, aptly named, is a quick, fun read. At least in the beginning. The start is great, it lures you in, and you want to know more, fast. The characters are real and full-developed. The plot is not new but some of the twists and turns are. The first half is amazing, I didn’t feel like putting the book down. It’s fast and despite the common plot, pleasant to read through.

However, I struggled to finish the book. I felt the second half was unnecessary lengthy, with things (characters’ thoughts and acts) repeating themselves. I think the book could have been summed up nicely in say 200-250 pages, instead of the current 304. It would have made for a crisper book then.

This book is about Shay, a 34-year-old woman who lives in Moose Creek, Montana with her daughter, Olivia. This is the story of her struggles as a single mother and her relationship with Travis, her first love who deserted her on the day of their marriage after they eloped. It’s a usual story of how things come around.

I have always loved and been fascinated by Ranch life and I witnessed it in this book. It was a pleasure to read about the chores there, the livelihood, the neighbors, the Founders day ceremony. I applaud Denise Hunter for taking the time and hard work to spend sometime at the ranch in order to write a book about it.

In all, a pleasurable read, albeit a bit lengthy. Romance book lovers will enjoy the love story of Shay and Travis.


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