Jack the homework eater by Mitt Ray

Goodreads Summary: Alex is scared of dogs. He gets really angry with his parents, when they adopt a British Bulldog called Jack. He tries his best to avoid Jack the Bulldog. But then he learns a secret about Jack. He learns that Jack is no ordinary dog, Jack’s a homework eater. This special ability of Jack to eat homework helps him earn Alex’s affection.

My views: This is my very first children’s book for review given by the author himself.

Jack the homework eater is a cute little story about Jack, the bulldog who loves to eat paper.

Good things-

  • Nice concept.
  • An interesting story.
  • A good lesson for children to learn.
    Relatable character, Jack that kids will adore.

  • Not so good-

  • The practical aspects of the story are non-existent. But perhaps children do not go into the practical aspects and the details would not pinch them as much as they pinched me.
  • Editing is immensely required. However, again children may choose to ignore the errors.
    The story is a bit long for children to keep on reading. It could have been shorter and crisper.

  • In all, the book may appeal to children, especially those who love to avoid homework (I think that does include every child 😉 ). The book would serve as a good bedtime story told over a few days.

    2 stars- It was OK.


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