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80% off at The Book Depository -Only TODAY!

24h offer. up to 80% off. Great Discounts at The book Depository

The Book Depository’s 24 hour offer is back!

New offer every hour on 2 February!

First offer starts at

7AM EST (-5)
12 Noon GMT
11PM AEDT (+11)

So what is this thing?
The Countdown promotion will run for 24 hours, starting at noon GMT (Thursday 2nd February 2012). There will be a new product available on the homepage for a great price every hour for each of the hours, the last one going up the following day (Friday 3rd February 2012) at 11am GMT.

Can I buy all of the books?
You can buy as many, or as few of the titles offered as you like, we don’t charge postage for over 100 countries around the world, so there is no harm in shopping again, and again throughout the day. You are however limited to three copies of each book per person – it’s only fair that as many people as possible get to grab a bargain.

What happens if I’m checking out and the books run out?
The book you’re ordering is only definitely yours when you see the confirmation page – up to that point if someone beats you to it, then sorry you’re out of luck. We hope everyone will get at least one of the titles they’re after.

These offers are really good, are they the same books as normal?
Yes – we’ve done some very special deals with some very special publishers to help you spend 2012’s first pay packet

Oops. In all the excitement I bought a book I don’t want.
That’s fine. Don’t panic – just let us know via the form or via our live chat system on our contact us page and we’ll cancel the order for you.

Is there a way to find out what the next offer is?
No sorry, the fact it’s a secret is all part of the fun!

I added a book to my basket and it was removed, what happened?
Sorry the book sold out during the time it took to add it to your basket, better luck next time.

I fell asleep waiting for the next product and missed it – can I still get it at the offer price somehow?
Sorry no. These offers are known as WIGIGs in the trade (When It’s Gone It’s Gone) – after the hour is over you’ll often be able to buy the book again but at the normal price.

How long are you doing the offer for?
A new title will be added from noon GMT on Thursday 2nd February to 11am on Friday 3rd February. Then we’ll all need a bit of a lie down.

Are the products on offer still shipped for free?
Yes indeed they are. We have free worldwide delivery.

Are there any tricks as to getting through the checkout quickly?
We recommend that you set up an account (although you don’t need one to shop) and add a credit card ready, save fumbling around when too excited (though you will still need your CVV number).

What are you waiting for? Check out their offers NOW!!

24h offer. up to 80% off. Great Discounts at The book Depository



Often seen with a nose buried in a book, you might spy me at a library while 500 unread books adorn my shelf. At other times, I'm busy travelling solo, eating out or looking for my new escapades. You will always find me doing too much all at once.

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