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Delhi: 14 historic walks by Swapna Liddle

Goodreads Summary: 4 Historic Walks maps well-known walking routes of Delhi, including world heritage sites like Qutub Minar, Lodi Gardens, Red Fort, and Humayun s Tomb. Swapna Liddle s narrative is crisp and breezy. It gives the historical and architectural significance of the monuments in an accessible manner. The entertaining anecdotes sprinkled through the text make the historical personalities mentioned, come alive.

Some other highlights are:

Detailed maps accompanying every route, including a double-page spread highlighting the walking routes on a map of a Delhi.
Information about price of tickets, nearest metro station, parking availability, advice about appropriate walking gear etc.
Architectural features are described in ways that make appreciation of structural and decorative elements easy for a lay person as well.
It is richly illustrated with black and white photographs taken specifically to accompany the Text.
This book can be read/used by tourists, locals, students of history, children, and adults alike.

The easy-to-use paperback format, allows it to be carried and referred to, while on the walk.

My Views: Being a travel enthusiast, I was very glad when this book was published. Having never been to any of the walks (I am a student and can’t afford to take part in one), I was delighted to have this copy for 14 walks for the minimal amount.

Having said that, you would be wondering, having spent half of my silver jubilee life in Delhi, what new would the book hold for me. Wrong! Doesn’t it so happen that we travel/sight-see the least in the city we live in while we may go to far away places and cities and spend money traveling there? We always think ‘oh, we are living here, we can go any day’. But the day never comes. With this book, that day has come for me. There are apprehensions when you don’t know the way or the day when some place is open or not but with this book in hand, I can swipe away all the apprehensions and zitters.

This book is a complete travel guide in itself. It not only takes you through 14 historic walks, it also makes sure you understand the history behind the place, its name. You know what is the nearest metro station, what the ticket costs, what amenities are available at the place. What else do you need? And you can carry this book right with you.

It is very surprising but out of the 14 walks listed, I had not heard of one particular monument, even after having been born and brought up in this city. Totally unacceptable if you love sight-seeing like me!

It is something about history that lures us in. So when it is a historic walk, why not? The pictures and clear maps in the book make this an easy process.

I only wish that the pages were more glossy, the pictures colored, ah! But that doesn’t really go with the theme, does it? The page texture, the black and white photos go so well with the theme of historic walks.

It’s a book to get hold of and start walking.

If you are visiting Delhi anytime soon (or even if you live here), get this copy before you step out of your hotel/ home and you won’t need a guide who anyways knows much less and bizarre than the well-researched facts this book brings you home to.

Alright I’m ready. There goes a water bottle and this book in my backpack and I’m set for these 14 historic walks, care to join me?

5/5 stars – You must buy this travel guide

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2 thoughts on “Delhi: 14 historic walks by Swapna Liddle

  1. thanks for this review, now i must get hold of the book! i so identify with your post…i had been living in this city for 3 years before i finally realized what a wealth there is to explore, despite having been a passionate travel-lover. but let bygones be, there’s a whole world waiting for you šŸ™‚ all the best in your adventures!


    1. You are most welcome. I believe I am going to have a blast with these walks. I have found a travel companion and we would saunter around March end. Hope you have these adventures too. šŸ™‚


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