RCC Challenge: Don’t Be Such a Tease!

The Don’t Be Such a Tease Challenge is all about being the biggest tease possible. The challenge is to share a few sentences from the RCC book I am reading right now, so you can all get a little taste.


‘Life is but a dream’ releases on March 27 and is one of a kind.

Here’s a taste –

When I was little, they encouraged me to use my imagination. They bought me posters of unicorns and fairies. Everything I had, from my little girl makeup to my glittery pink sneakers, was bathed in make-believe and came from a place where every girl could become a princess. I guess I never knew I was supposed to stop believing. The other girls were able to turn off their dreams in Junior high while I continued to look for fairies in the woods behind my house.

For a while it wasn’t such a big deal. I was labeled immature. Then kids at school started to say there was something off about me. I was too much of a dreamer for them. They began saying I was mental.


What are you teasing me with?

Update: Books I have read so far for this challenge


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