RCC Challenge 4 – Mysterious Meetup

In the Mysterious Meetup Challenge, you can have that conversation with your favourite book character of all times. Who would you want to meet? What questions would you ask him or her?



Wow, this is a difficult one. Umm, I am going to tell you about a few.

From the River of Time series, I am going to meet Marcello and I’m not going to ask him any questions. I will just look into his eyes and fall in love. LOL! 😀


From Wanderlove, I want to meet Rowan and ask him about all the places he has been to and ask him to draw a map for me so that I can visit all those lovely sights too.


And then, I have to meet Alaska to ask her how does she keep up that carefree, cheerful attitude. I have to be like her.




In the last week, books I have read for this challenge.

Total Books read so far for this challenge: 14


15 thoughts on “RCC Challenge 4 – Mysterious Meetup

    • Ha ha! The only problem is he has a beloved. 😦 *sigh* You have to read the River of Time series. It’s awesome.

      Thanks. You’re doing great as well. 🙂


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