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Hope by Victoria Ferrante

Goodreads Summary: As a nurse hands Christina Borysowki her newborn daughter, joy lls the new mother’s heart. With wonder, she lovingly admires the baby she has named Hope. Her body tingles with excitement and fear. Hours later, Hope’s eyes nally open to reveal spectacular turquoise irises. At that moment, she has no idea that months later, the sparkle and life will abandon those beautiful eyes, the gaze will turn inward, and Hope will lose all interest in the world.

Years later, things cannot get any worse for Christina Borysowski and her profoundly autistic daughter. With Hope destined for a future that promises nothing but bleakness, isolation, and likely institutionalization, Christina is already well aware she is paddling alone against the strong tides of prejudice, misunderstanding, and fear. To compound matters, there is much more at stake than just Hope’s well-being. Christina is barely hanging on. In a desperate quest to nd peace for both Hope and herself, Christina is left with an agonizing choice that will deter-mine the future for both of them.

In this eye-opening and poignant story about autism and its tragic human cost, one woman takes an unimaginable journey through hopelessness to discover an intense love that drives her to make the unthinkable a reality.

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My Views: I don’t know where to start and what to say. I am short of words right now. Speechless. Being a Clinical Psychologist, having dealt with autistic children, I thought I knew a lot about it. But I was wrong, very wrong. Yes, I know about autism, its definition, various theories, therapeutic modules and I have seen children with autism and dealt with them in clinical settings. I have spent time with them. But I have never been the caregiver of an autistic child; I have never been the mother.

This book takes you through a completely different view of autism, the view from a mother’s eye. It shows every day in the life of an autistic child, every moment. It makes us aware of the difficult decisions, the frustration and the pain a mother faces each time.

It’s saddening to the extent of being painful, even reading about the experiences. I can’t fathom how a mother goes through it day in and day out.

Though not a real-life story, this book is based on real-life situations. It is emotional and heart-breaking and I cried many times during the reading of this book.

The book not only helps you understand autism more deeply but also makes you aware of the difficulties and day-today problems that afflict a mother/ family of an autistic child. This book is a great step in sensitizing not only the layman who may have no experience with autism but also clinical professionals and other authorities in charge of insurance and other child services.

I fall short of words to honor the author for not only writing this book so beautifully but for having had the courage to pen it down. I don’t think it would have been easy.

I think everyone out there should read this book to not only know more about autism but also to be sensitive to the needs and problems of autistic children as well as others afflicted with other ailments.

Unlike in my other reviews, I cannot award the stars to this book. It cannot be reduced to mere stars.

Recommended: To Everyone.



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6 thoughts on “Hope by Victoria Ferrante

  1. HI! I had the chance to read this book too. And like you, I didn’t know what to write. It’s difficult to judge this kind of book!
    I have a nephew with autism but he’s only 2, and has been recently diagnosed.
    But it’s a great book!
    Glad you enjoyed as much as I did.


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