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Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter

Goodreads Summary: “The Luxe” meets the ancient world in the extraordinary story of Cleopatra’s daughter.

Selene has grown up in a palace on the Nile with her parents, Cleopatra & Mark Antony–the most brilliant, powerful rulers on earth. But the jealous Roman Emperor Octavianus wants Egypt for himself, & when war finally comes, Selene faces the loss of all she’s ever loved. Forced to build a new life in Octavianus’s household in Rome, she finds herself torn between two young men and two possible destinies–until she reaches out to claim her own.

This stunning novel brings to life the personalities & passions of one of the greatest dramas in history, & offers a wonderful new heroine in Selene.

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My Views: Before I tell you about the book, let me say I am not a fan of history at all. I had numerous problems in school trying to rote memorize all the dates and wars and names of people. I just managed to pass in this subject and after I finished with the mandatory history reading, I quit and vowed never to look back. And so I did. Please don’t ask me anything about the history of my country or anyone else’s for that matter. I am blank in that aspect.

So why did I pick up this book? I saw it first on Kimberly’s blog and loved the cover. As you know I am bad at picking up books with beautiful covers. So on my visit to the library, when I saw it, I picked it up before anyone else could (I am that way around books). Now having said that, I have no clue about Cleopatra except that she was a Queen of Egypt. Full stop. Yes, that’s all I knew of her.

Here is where my habit of not reading a book blurb came in useful. I started the book and at the very first page, I was horrified to see this huge list of characters and who they were. You see, I don’t do well with a huge character list, I have a poor memory. But I later realized what a boon this list was. I frequently went back to it to refresh my memory.

This is such a beautiful, breath-taking book that tells us of the life of Cleopatra Selene. And though not completely fact-based (we don’t know enough about the history to make it that), it uses most of the fact-based information and fills up the gaps with author’s imagination of what might have happened.

I found this book a page-turner. It is full of emotions, happiness, sadness, Selene being so brave. I love girls who can kick some ass! 🙂

Now if only all the historical lessons were written in this way, I would have been so well-acquainted with history. 😉

Bravo to Vicky Alvear Shecter for this wonderful book. I loved it.

4/5 stars – I really liked it.



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5 thoughts on “Cleopatra’s Moon by Vicky Alvear Shecter

  1. Love the sound of this book. These sort of books are the only interesting way to learn about history. I loved the luxe which i had put off reading cause it was historical x


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