Free & Cheap Hauls

I reckon it’s time. You have missed this feature, haven’t you? I, for one, surely have. So let’s not delay. Here we go.

(Click on the covers)

Free Books (Don’t you love them?)

Only $0.99

For $1.99

For $2.99

For $3.82

For $3.99

For $4.99

For $5

For $5.99

Load your Kindles, people. 🙂


6 thoughts on “Free & Cheap Hauls

  1. techeditor says:

    One of my favorite authors, Joseph Kanon, is sending me a hard cover copy of his book that’s due out May 29, ISTANBUL PASSAGE. Nice man!


      • techeditor says:

        I read them all, and they really are all good. My favorite, though, probably because it’s the first I read, is THE GOOD GERMAN. It’s not like the movie that’s supposedly based on the book. The movie was terrible, the book fantastic.


  2. I LOVE it when you do these posts for the kindle…I have way too many books now and it’s just so easy to go…Ooohhh, 99 cents!?…that’s it?!?…”click”. haha! 🙂


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