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The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot

Goodreads Summary: Gossip columnist and single New York City girl Mel lives lives in the most exciting place in the world, yet she’s bored with her lovelife. But things get interesting fast when the old lady next door is nearly murdered. Mel starts paying closer attention to her neighbors—what exactly is going on with the cute boy next door? Has Mel found the love of her life—or a killer?

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My Views: Finally I read my first Meg Cabot Book. And surprise, surprise, I ended up liking it. Why surprise? Because I haven’t really liked my recent reads. So well…

First things first. When I clicked on this book on my Kindle, I thought I had been fooled. Why does this book look like messages/emails and messages and more messages? I didn’t buy the proper book? What did I buy? Oh my God!

Alright I will start reading and see where this goes or what book it actually is.

Hmm, ok. But isn’t this weird? Why are they mailing each other for everything? Why are they not talking face to face? They are sitting a step away from each other, this is umm, different.

So, to cut it short, this book is entirely written in the form of hundreds of email/messages that all the characters in the books write to each other. Yes, there are no dialogues, no face to face conversations, not even talking on phone. Only emails. What do you think?

It took me some time to get used to it. Or rather I didn’t get used to it much because it was tiring to check who sent the email to whom every single time. My poor, poor eyes.

Getting to the book concept now. The plot is nice but why do I get this feeling that it’s not unique, it seems very familiar. Hmm, I can’t put my finger on it but either I have read a similar book or seen a movie with this plot.

The characters – hilarious. The writing – amazing. End result – Lots of laughter.

Overall, keep the new writing style aside, I did like this book. Very much. Even though the plot doesn’t seem new to me, I really liked Meg’s sense of humor-ed writing. And it did remind me a bit of Sophie Kinsella’s chick-lit which I do like, by the way.

So if you are a looking for a light, fun read, go grab this book.

4/5 Stars – I really liked it.



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10 thoughts on “The Boy Next Door by Meg Cabot

  1. I still have yet to really read anything by Meg Cabot. I have only read one YA book by her and while it was good I just put off getting anything else by her. I’m not a huge chick lit reader so I’m always on the fence about a book like this but I’m really glad you enjoyed it!

    Thanks for the great review!


    1. Thank you so much Alexa for stopping by. I like these fun reads once in a while. I understand how not being a huge chic lit reader, you didn’t get to reading anything else by Meg Cabot yet.


  2. Ok I am interested. I haven’t read a Meg Cabot yet, either and a book totally told in emails is definitley different. For $2.99 I want to check it out. Thanks for the heads up!


  3. I enjoyed this book too! It’s sort of a series and I’ve read them all…although if I recall correctly they don’t all have the same characters or plot. Just light, fun books that are quick and easy to read. I love books written in this style of emails, messages, memos, journal entries, etc. I wish Meg Cabot would write more like this! Glad you found a new author to enjoy! 🙂


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