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Giveaway Winners & Update

Hey everyone! Hope you are doing good and loving what you are reading.

Without further ado, here are the winners of the last few giveaways.

My Favorite Reads Giveaway 

 Debora Benaim  has won one book from my favorites

Lazy Summer Reads Giveaway

The following have won 20 ebooks  for INT and 2 paperback for US/Canada of Dark Passage by M.L. Woolley.

Mamabunny Shelor and Sarah Elizabeth

Tina Becker, Shamara, Joy Flynn,  Darlene, MicheleAnn Oboyle, Malvina Beatrice, Janita,  Natalie Cleary,  Deb Skinner Novack, Kelly Caratenuto Reci, Rosemarie Dimitri Belikov, April Hunter, Elizabeth Kotkiewicz Hyatt, Natasha, Anne Muller,  Jodi Frasier, Georgia Brown, Stephanie Verhaegen, Amber Timson Garcia and Nicola T.

The Super Spud Trilogy Giveaway

Kaerah Lopez  has won a signed copy of The Super Spud Trilogy

Congrats to all the winners! If you see your name up there, check your email and mail me back asap. If you didn’t win this time, don’t be upset. Enter many other giveaway HERE.

Update: I am taking my time settling down in the new city.  I have finally found a paying guest which I am to share with 3 other girls. *sigh* On the bright front, there’s only one other girl right now. On the down side, she keeps taunting me for reading and keeps talking all the time. So if you know I am reading less from now on, you know why.

The job is good so far and I have found myself an internet connection, so hopefully I will be posting more often now. I am wary of the postal system here so I still provide my original address and hope to make atleast two trips back home every month and get the arrived books which also means that I will be showing my book haul once in 15 days.



Often seen with a nose buried in a book, you might spy me at a library while 500 unread books adorn my shelf. At other times, I'm busy travelling solo, eating out or looking for my new escapades. You will always find me doing too much all at once.

5 thoughts on “Giveaway Winners & Update

  1. If your roommate taunts you for reading, then taunt her back for her ignorance, and then go find a secluded spot where you can sit and read in peace. I really despite shallow people who refuse to let one do as one pleases. Hang in there.


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