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Second Time Around by H.A. Caine

Summary: Jamie lives with his straight modeling best friend of three years, John. He’s finally achieved his life long dream of opening up his own bakery and John throws him a party. There he meets Matthew, co-owner of the Home Improvement shop across the street from his new bakery. They hit it off.

Only there’s one problem. Matthew is possibly straight and theres a 90% chance that he thinks Jamie is a woman!

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My Views: This is a short story/ novella about Jamie who falls in love with a guy who is possibly straight and doesn’t know that Jamie is a guy too. This leads to some confusion and then after a twist, the story ends on a happy note.

The book makes for a very quick read and is almost like a snapshot of the author’s writing so that you know what to expect from her and read more of her (possibly) full-length novels.

The plot makes for an innovative concept and I especially liked the bakery bit because like the author, I too dream of opening my own bakery someday. 🙂

About the Author
H. A. Caine lives in her hometown of Brooklyn, New York. She has hopes of becoming a great writer and one day opening her own bakery. She even has the name and layout already decided. Among other writing projects she’s working on her very own first series, Boys in Love. The first book, Letting Go, will be available later this year.

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