Breathless by Tawdra Kandle

Summary: Tasmyn Vaughn is not having the senior year she expected. Her boyfriend Michael leaves for college, she’s being stalked by a suspicious preacher, pursued by the hot new boy at school and blackmailed by her chemistry teacher–who just might be a witch. Tas needs all of her many talents–and a little help from unexpected sources–just to keep her head above water. . .literally.

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My Views: Breathless starts from where Fearless ended. And a note of caution for those who haven’t read Fearless. You must read it before reading this one as this book does not act as a standalone and you are better off knowing what happened in the first book.

I will confess that I liked this one more than the first. It has the right mixture of everything. And though it is a bit slow for my thrill loving mind, it has a lot going for it. There isn’t a single boring moment in there. As the title signifies, the book leaves you breathless.

Engaging and riveting, this book makes for  a nice fast pace read.

Although I wish this was one huge book instead of having to wait for the next one in the series. *sigh*

Tawdra, I am not reading the chapter for Restless after the book ends, it’s too painful to have to read it without the whole book. *wink wink* Are you getting me? 😉

3/5 stars – I liked it. 

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