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The Catalyst by Zoe Winters & Giveaway (INT)

Summary: It started with one lost, shivering pup; it may end in a war…

Panthers don’t do responsibility. They don’t do long-term relationships. They definitely don’t raise kids. But when Z discovers a young wolf in the forest, he takes him in, unaware of the powerful beings hunting the pup.

Fiona is a witch who can’t leave her house; the birds have told her something bad will happen. The mailbox is as far as she’ll go, but even that may provide more danger than she’s bargained for. When a wolf pup stumbles into her garden, her safe, wrapped-up world heads for a free fall.

But along with danger, the pup brings a chance at love—a chance an agoraphobic witch and a bachelor panther shifter aren’t likely to find on their own.

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My Views: This is the third book in the series and I haven’t read the first two. Does it matter or the book is good enough to stand alone? Well, till almost the end of the book, it does not matter. The book is good enough to stand alone till then. But during the climax, things got a bit confusing with me trying to figure out who is who and what happened in the past. So, it’s better if you read the series in order.

What does the book entail? It has lots of paranormal (incubus, succubus, witches, vampires and werewolves), romance, a bit of mystery and lots of action. And ooh, I forgot the psychological bit (agoraphobia). The book is mostly fast paced.

So well, if you are a big time paranormal fan, this book is just for you. Go pick it up once you are done with the other two in the series.



Zoe is offering 1 e-copy of Blood Lust and 1 e-copy of Save My Soul (Book 1 & 2)

Enter HERE.

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13 thoughts on “The Catalyst by Zoe Winters & Giveaway (INT)

  1. I have Save My Soul and am looking forward to books two and three. Thank you so much for sharing today. I love reading a series from the beginning and continuing the journey as it progresses 🙂


      1. I did a blog tour for Dark Mercy and that was so fun and since I liked her book so much I read book 1 of Blood lust. I have all the preternaturals on my TBR list 🙂


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