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Jellicle Girl by Stevie Mikayne

Goodreads Summary: When Beth met Jackie, she was fifteen and shy, living in the shadow of her mother: talented artist Heather Sarandon. Jackie—wilful, cheeky and confident, made Beth see things in herself that she’d never imagined, and do things she never thought she would. As memories of Beth’s last night with Jackie grow more like waking nightmares, Beth does everything she can to forget the girl who was so much more than a friend. Beth has a self-destructive ritual she swears she’ll keep secret, even from the psychologist trying to help her. But Dr. Nancy Sullivan doesn’t have time for secrets. In fact, she doesn’t have much time at all. She’s been charged with helping Beth break through the barriers of her past, knowing very well that her own demons might end her career before she can get through to the stubborn young woman. Meanwhile, a young foster child with a wicked sense of humour, and a devastating past, reminds Beth that secrets seem powerful, but can destroy the person who holds them too close. A haunting and evocative story about redemption, identity, and learning to let go of secrets that scar.

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My View: If you follow my blog, you would know I go into a book blindly. I don’t read the back cover, the book blurb or any of the reviews/spoilers before diving into a book. Sometimes it has been a boon, at others, I have found myself in the midst of a book I’m not enjoying at all.

With this book also, I was taking a risk. I didn’t even know what the book title meant. A lovely friend of mine, Vicky from Books, Biscuits and Tea was asking for interested readers for this book and I opted in.

And… I am glad I did. This book threw me off quite a couple of times, things I hadn’t expected, happened. There are so many themes in the book that I believe you will come out liking atleast one of them, if not more or all.

The character of Beth is very different and unpredictable. You are unraveling her throughout the content of the book. It’s beautifully etched out.

I also like how the book shifts between the present and past smoothly. The presence of a psychologist obviously upped my interest even though I hoped she was portrayed in a different light. *sad face*

Never mind, I really liked the plot of the book, the way it was dealt with. And I can say that it is a sort of psychologically provocative book that will make you think hours and days after you have finished reading it.

I thoroughly enjoyed this book and read it in 2 days.

3.5/5 stars – Between ‘I liked it’ and ‘I really liked it’.


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11 thoughts on “Jellicle Girl by Stevie Mikayne

  1. I don’t understand why the book is called Jellicle Girl, but the cover really appeals to me and the synopsis is intriguing. And your review is really awesome, I’m going to have to keep an eye out for this book!



  2. I agree, I try to go into a book a bit blind but I ussually have skimmed a few reviews. I like that this one was a psychological book that made you think I would love that. Thanks for the recommendation!


    1. Yes, I skim a few reviews but steer clear of the spoilers. I hope you like this one too, Heidi. It is a bit unusual read. Thank you for stopping by.


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