6 Seconds of Life by Tonya Fitzharris & Giveaway (INT)

Young Adult / New Adult
Title: 6 Seconds of Life
Author: Tonya Fitzharris
Date Published: 9/1/12

 Maura has just jumped.

 Now she has precisely six seconds until she hits the water below her—just six more seconds until she is finally freed from her mundane and aimless existence.  Freed of all of the regrets and disappointments that have haunted her throughout her nineteen years.

 She just needs to be free.

 But as she falls, the most pivotal points of her life start to replay like a movie in her head: her family falling apart, her first love, her first heartbreak, her first true friends, and her first betrayal.  As she remembers these moments that brought her to this point, will she feel a sense of peace?  Or will her death be her greatest regret?

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 My View: The book started off sensationally well. Wow, what a start!

As the seconds count down, the replay of Maura’s life looms behind her eyes and we get to see and experience her life.

The book is full of psychological insight, roller-coaster emotions, teenage problems and family dramas.

I liked the first half better than the second one though. It seemed more appealing to me and I devoured it quickly.

I must congratulate the author for a wonderful entry into the world of writing with her debut book.

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Tonya Ftizharris

Author Bio

Tonya Fitzharris is a writer, reader, blogger, mediocre cook, photographer, runner, Florida native, and cat lover. She used to be a Middle School English Teacher, but now she’s trying out the whole novel writing thing. She lives in New Jersey with her husband and her Belgian cat named Waffles.


WEBSITE  | TWITTER @tonyafitzharris | FACEBOOK 


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