Random Reads (3): Gravity (The Taking, #1) by Melissa West


Random Reads is a meme where we pick a random book from our shelf to read within the month. Hosted by I’m Loving Books.

I have failed at this twice, hopefully this time I’ll manage to read my random read. *fingers crossed* Hope it comes out something I really want to read right now!

I’m on Goodreads so I’m using a combination of the sorting feature and a random number generator to pick the book I’m going to read.

#2456 on my huge To-be-read list since March 15, 2012. I’m going to read Gravity (The Taking, #1) by Melissa West

Yay! I have heard good things about it.

What is your Random Read for November?


14 thoughts on “Random Reads (3): Gravity (The Taking, #1) by Melissa West

  1. Now this is a good way to get through some books on the ole TBR. If only I wasn’t so bogged down in commitments, I however read and reviewed this two weeks ago and enjoyed it. There was a tiny bit of lack of details, especially regarding The Taking but the publisher sent me a new copy and said some big changes had been made after the initial reviews, so Hoping they fixed the glitches!


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