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The Resurgence of Satyam by Zafar Anjum

The Resurgence of Satyam: The Global IT Giant by Zafar Anjum

Hardcover, 384 pages
Published October 15th 2012 by Random House India
ISBN13: 9788184000757

Edition language: English

Summary: All hell broke loose with a simple confession from Ramalinga Raju—founder and chairman of Satyam Computers, the fourth largest IT company in India with over 50,000 employees and business in more than 66 countries. His admission in 2009 of cooking the books to show exaggerated profits combined with the diving economy rocked India Inc and forced it to look inwards.

With robust research, interviews, and stories—Zafar Anjum tracks the chronicle from Raju’s confession and Satyam free-falling, to the phoenix’s rise as Mahindra Satyam. This is a tale of betrayal and devastation, but more importantly of hope and resurrection. With an afterword by Anand Mahindra, chairman and managing director of Mahindra Group, The Resurgence of Satyam is the definitive book that will answer all that you wanted to know about the Satyam saga.

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My View:  Before I say something about the book, let me tell you a bit about myself. I’m a person who’s really not interested in news and current affairs and manages by flipping through the newspaper and reading only what interests me (I know I’m pretty bad, boring and lazy that ways). And if I come across anything that even says something about business, shares and IT companies, I immediately look the other way because I’m seriously not interested and it is something I don’t understand the ABC of. So what should have been my response when I saw that I could request this book for review? I should have said no, right? Wrong! How come? Well since I don’t like to read about any of that stuff because it’s boring and difficult for me to understand, I assume that a book on the subject will be a bit in layman language and probably the author has put in some effort to make it seem interesting. And hence I said yes.

And I don’t regret my decision. Yes, I took an inordinate amount of time to finish reading this book because

1) It’s a non-fiction,

2) I read a huge amount of books at the same time,

3) It’s not something that interests me in the first place.

But I did enjoy reading slowly and taking my time with it.

I need to applaud the author for

1) writing this book,

2) making it simple for layman people like me,

3) the amount of research and time that has gone into writing of the book,

4) not only showing us what we could have gleaned from the newspapers (i.e. the outside version) but also the inside version of the story,

5) making it all seem more humane and interesting by taking into account all the emotions involved.

Alright, so this book is about a huge scam that took place in the fourth largest IT company in India and how it impacted everyone from the employees, the CEO to the company reputation. And then follows what happened as a result of scam, what were the measures taken and how the magical task of bringing the company back from the dead took place. The book takes not only an outsider’s view into the workings of the company but shows us what went on the inside, the emotions of the people involved. And it also gives a peek into the management and turn-around of a company as big as this after a huge scam.

Not only did I benefit from learning about what happened during the scam but also ended up learning a few corporal lessons from this book.

In all, the book makes for a great read for all those who like me steer clear of this kind of news and especially for those to whom this interests.

4/5 stars – I really liked it. 

About the Author

Zafar Anjum is a Singapore-based Indian journalist and writer. He has been writing fiction and essays since 2000. Over the years, his writing has appeared in periodicals and websites in India, US, UK, Hong Kong, Singapore, and other countries. Zafar is a cineaste, an avid blogger (, and editor of, a website dedicated to Asian writing in English. An award-winning journalist – Zafar works as the Asia Online Editor for Fairfax Business Media’s technology publications including Computerworld Singapore, Computerworld Malaysia, CIO Asia and MIS Asia.



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