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Review Copy Cleanup 3.0 – Goals & Updates

Hosted by Vicky @ Books, Biscuits and Tea and Celine @ Nyx Book Reviews

So February is finally here and I have lots of review books to read. Though this month is going to be super busy, I still have a huge list of books to tread through.

On my review list this month –

That’s a total of 19 books. Wish me luck!

What are your goals? Comment your links below and I’ll come visit.


2/1/2013 –  Read my review here.

2/2/2013 – 

2/4/2013 –  Read my review.

2/6/2013 –  Read my review.

2/10/2013 –    Review

2/11/2013 –

2/13/2013 –  Read my 4.5 stars review

2/17/2013 – 

2/20/2013 – 

2/22/2013 –  Review

2/24/2013 –

2/26/2013-  Review

2/28/2013 – 



Often seen with a nose buried in a book, you might spy me at a library while 500 unread books adorn my shelf. At other times, I'm busy travelling solo, eating out or looking for my new escapades. You will always find me doing too much all at once.

14 thoughts on “Review Copy Cleanup 3.0 – Goals & Updates

  1. 19 books??? and I thought my list was long!
    Good luck with your goals!
    I want to read Second Rate Chances and Freak of Nature, I hope you enjoy them!!!



  2. Good luck!
    (And you STILL need to let me know how you manage to read so much :D) Can’t wait to hear what you think of Mind Games!


      1. Wow, that’s a long commute! 😮 Mine only takes 10 or 15 mins each way and I get dizzy every time I try to read on public transport 😦


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