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Product Review: Sunsilk Perfect Straight

What if one day you came across a product that promised to take away all your bad hair days and replace them with perfect straight, non-frizzy hair without the need to visit a salon and all in a hair wash? You’ll probably laugh out loud and say ‘yeah, right’. That was what I thought when I decided to give the Sunsilk Perfect Straight Shampoo and Conditioner a try. I had heard of it first time from a colleague who was eager to try it as it sounded so good. Unbelievable, I would say.

So when I received these pretty little bottles to try them out, I said ‘why not?’.

Now before I tell you the outcome, let me tell you about my hair. I have shoulder length black hair which are just a little wavy by nature and silky by texture. So my thoughts before the first wash were – my hair’s really not tough to get straight, so if this shampoo can do that, it would be great.

First wash – I oiled my hair before wash. I looked for instructions on the shampoo bottle. I know shampooing isn’t some high-tech procedure but I just wanted to make sure. Imagine my surprise when I couldn’t find any directions. ‘Oh well’, I thought. During the wash, I realized that the shampoo is not good at getting rid of the oil I had put in my hair and I had to use lots of shampoo to get it out. And then a 1 minute conditioner (it has instructions on the pack, yay) and it was done. I took great care to let my hair not bend in any way before they completely dried out naturally. And once that was done, it was a rigorous procedure of inspecting my hair from every other angle to be able to find any effect. So imagine my disappointment when I couldn’t notice any difference at all. But I didn’t lose heart and thought ‘perhaps it takes a couple of washes’.

Second wash – This time I took great care not to oil my hair before the wash because it was very difficult to get it out with this shampoo. And I repeated the entire procedure with the shampoo and conditioner and took a few pictures so that I didn’t have to turn this way and that in front of the mirror to gauge any possible changes. Once again I came out hugely disappointed.

Third wash – I wanted to give the products yet another chance and went for a third consecutive wash. But yet again I experienced the same disappointment.

What did I deduce from it all? I went in thinking it must be really easy to straighten my almost already straight hair which only has a little waves in there but I came out thinking perhaps this is why I couldn’t see any effect. I wondered if really curly hair would have shown more decent effects since there was so much to work on. But these are all speculations.

Another thing I wondered about was that if the shampoo in fact, lessens frizziness, it didn’t get to work on that because my hair is not frizzy at all. And I have heard from a colleague that even though it didn’t straighten her curly hair, it did reduce the frizziness a lot.

And just to throw in something else – the colleague of mine whom I heard from of this product in the first place says she thinks my hair have straightened a bit more inspite of my not able to feel any difference. Is she right or is she being a little pro for the product since she really wants to try it out? Well, that’s a debate starter for sure.

Overall, I’m thinking if you have frizzy hair, you may want to give it a try but if you’re looking for prefect straight out-of-the-salon hair, this may not be the product you’re looking for. Go find out for yourself.

I received the product for review from Sunsilk at However, all opinions expressed are honest and my own. I did not receive any compensation for my review.



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