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Where have I been?

missingI don’t know if you noticed I have been missing from the blog. I haven’t posted anything in 6 days which is so unlike me who posts atleast once a day if not more.

Well, for one I haven’t been able to read much the past few days. And even though I have some other posts I wanted to put up, I couldn’t get to it. I missed 3 blog tour posts (which I’ll be doing soon).

There has been a lot going on in my academic/ professional life and I have been a lot busier than usual. Apart from that, my sister’s marriage is just a month away, so every spare minute and especially weekends go into that. I hardly get any breathing time.

And even though my commute timing to and fro from work has been scheduled for reading, I haven’t been able to read lately. There are some things on the personal front that have been bugging me and I’m kind of worried, depressed really. Yeah, right, I’m a Psychologist and should know how to cope. That’s exactly what I have been doing the past few months. But somehow when every sphere of your life attacks at once, it’s sometimes difficult to deal with it all. I have been trying but I’m feeling overwhelmed at the moment. I’m not sure if I should be saying all this in here, it’s a book blog and not a personal one. But I feel I know so many of you intimately even though we have never met that I just wanted to share what’s been going on with me.

Thanks for hearing me out. I have a couple of books started, hopefully I will get some of them finished soon and be back to my chirpy, bubbly, insane self. Love you all!



Often seen with a nose buried in a book, you might spy me at a library while 500 unread books adorn my shelf. At other times, I'm busy travelling solo, eating out or looking for my new escapades. You will always find me doing too much all at once.

8 thoughts on “Where have I been?

  1. Being involved with your sister’s wedding is a great reason to miss a few posts. I send best wishes for a wonderful life together to them. You shouldn’t feel bad about not being around for a few days. Your private life should always come 1st in your priorities. While having a blog is a great thing it shouldn’t run your life. Don’t worry about us. Even though we miss you we know you will be back in a few days. Have a great time at the wedding.


  2. I hear ya, even with my psychology background I have suffered through a tough winter with a lot of personal stuff being thrown at me. Just breath, one day at a time. My blog has helped me maintain my sanity but there are days when it is too much to keep up with the comments and such. Good luck! You will get through it.


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