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Top Ten Tips for Going from Zero to Hero by Geoff Herbach

Today we have at Reviewing Shelf, Geoff Herbach, author of I’m With Stupid. I’m With Stupid is the third in the Felton Reinstein trilogy- Stupid Fast, Nothing Special, and I’m With Stupid.

Top Ten Tips for going from Zero to Hero

1. Exercise!

2. Eat the foods you love only half the time! The other half, eat lettuce.

3. Read everything, constantly. Not just what you really want to read, but things that stretch you, make you think, see things from different perspectives. Your brain will get big and beautiful and the world will open up like a daffodil on the first seventy-degree day.

4. Go to things: plays, movies, parks, museums, great buildings, friends’ houses, bowling alleys, basketball games, after-midnight rock clubs, barbecues of neighbors you don’t know that well.

5. Remember: this screen you’re looking at isn’t living.

6. Wear good shoes. What a difference.

7. If something peaks your interest, chase the mother. If you like a writer, research that writer and that writer’s influences and then read that writer’s influences and then research the writer who influenced your writer and so on and so on and so on. Complexity, richness, world without end…

8. When someone in the mall or in a car or in the hall at school does something dumb or mean, don’t get angry because dumb and mean is part of the world in which we live. Just say, “Oh well.” Then, go about your business as if it doesn’t matter, because you shouldn’t waste energy on the one billion petty cases dumb and mean.

9. Stand up if dumbness and meanness go beyond petty. If someone is being harmed, stand up. If someone is being degraded, stand up. If someone is harming you, stand up. Spend your energy fighting the right fight.

10. Be kind.

Wow! Love those tips, Geoff. They are so precious and yet some are funny at the same time. 

ImageSummaryFelton Reinstein has never been good with stress. Which is why he’s seriously freaking out. Announcing his college choice on national TV?

It’s a heart attack waiting to happen. Deciding on a major for the next four years of his life? Ridiculous! He barely even knows who he is anymore without football. And so…he embarks on The Epic Quest to Be Meaningful.

Which leads to:

1. Mentoring a freshman called Pig Boy.

2. The entire state of Wisconsin hating him.
3. His track coach suspending him.
4. The funniest viral video the world has ever seen.
5. A whole new appreciation for his family, his friends and what
what’s really important in life.

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About the Author

I am the author of the YA title, Stupid Fast (June 2011 from Sourcebooks Fire). I also wrote The Miracle Letters of T.  Rimberg, a Novel from Three Rivers Press. When I’m not writing books, I’m writing for Radio Happy Hour or developing ridiculous musical bits.When I’m not writing, I’m teaching writing at Minnesota State, Mankato, which means I write a lot of comments about writing on student writing.

Writing a lot of writing and reading about writing and writing on reading.



Often seen with a nose buried in a book, you might spy me at a library while 500 unread books adorn my shelf. At other times, I'm busy travelling solo, eating out or looking for my new escapades. You will always find me doing too much all at once.

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