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Christmas in Venice: A Short Story by Meadow Taylor

Published: December 4, 2012
Publisher: Harper Collins Canada
Pages: 18
Source: Owned
Format: Kindle ebook

Goodreads Synopsis: Olivia’s Christmas trip to Venice, Italy should be a holiday dream come true. But when she’ s confronted by a handsome Italian cop about her unattended luggage, she worries she won’t even make it out of the Marco Polo Airport…

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My View: I was sifting through my owned books to read during Ho-Ho-Ho Read-A-Thon when I came across this. But well, I didn’t realize it was that short! It finished even before it began. At 18 pages, it was too short to pack a punch.

It did make for an interesting prologue though but where’s the book? Lol. Amidst confusion and Christmas and some hilarity, the book hints at romance to follow but well, the book ends there.

There was no time/ pages to hint at the beginning of a plot or development of characters but perhaps the author was testing the waters before jumping in.

Read for a feel-good holiday book peek.

2/5 stars – It was okay but nothing special.




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2 thoughts on “Christmas in Venice: A Short Story by Meadow Taylor

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