Amish Tripathi: What’s Next?

Pretty sure you have heard of author Amish Tripathi and his famous Shiva Trilogy. So when Westland Publishing contacted me to help reveal what his next book was going to be about, I jumped in.

And I received something in the mail as a clue.

IMG_20150119_212215 IMG_20150119_212242




Gorgeous, isn’t it?






Check out my first vlog to know more (forgive me for poor video and audio quality, first timer here).


And shhh just for you, a little birdie tells me it’s going to be about The Mahabharata. Stay tuned for more information. Follow me on Twitter and Facebook to be in the know.

Also, if you are in India, attend the Jaipur Literature Festival (21-25 January) on the 23rd where Amish will spill the beans!


9 thoughts on “Amish Tripathi: What’s Next?

  1. Loved the way you presented the mystery box, Pragya! I wish the audio was clearer though. Keep vlogging, you have a knack for presentations! I’ve been tweeting about my mystery box too, I think I should also vlog!


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