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Where have I been?

I know, I know. I just went MIA. Without letting you all know. Bad, bad me. Forgive me, my pretties? You know, well, life. Sometimes it gets ahead of me and all my yearly goals go out the window. I haven’t written in almost three months. I have barely read too.

I was busy setting my life in order. Is it in order now? Nope. Am I getting there? I, frankly, don’t know. You know sometimes you get so tired of everything that you get up and decide to experiment. And you give two months of your life to it. And then when the experiment fails, you are back to square one and don’t know which direction to take in life.

Nevertheless, I am not saying life’s been bad. Life’s well, life. Unpredictable. Adventurous. You just keep taking one step at a time not knowing where you are headed.


I have also been traveling once every month since August. Maybe escaping from everything. Or perhaps in the search of myself. Sometimes it’s good to leave all known behind and talk to strangers you will never see again. I think I am going to continue this once-a-month traveling for as long as I can and until I know something. Until I feel settled.

Travel is in my blood so that’s not going anywhere. I am just hoping this feeling of being unsettled, restless would go away and I will find some stability some day. Maybe.

Well, I will be in and out. But hopefully, more in than out. 🙂 See you guys around. Fingers crossed, more posts coming up next month. I will go visit all your blogs now. I have missed them.


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