wrap up

2018 Wrap-Up

Let’s look at what I accomplished last year.
Books read: 93
Pages read: 21053
Favorite Book of the year

5 stars to 

Other favorites

Challenge Updates
  1. Read at least 40 books (Goodreads goal) – I read 93 books, yay!
  2. Read more classics (at least 15) – 9 😦
  3. Read more owned books (at least 20) – 16 😦
  4. Read huge books (at least 3) – Shantaram, Gone with the wind and one more – Sadly didn’t do this.
  5. Re-read two favorite books – Anna Karenina and Thirteenth Tale – Nope 😦
  6. Read more non-fiction/ memoir/ autobiography (at least 10) – 16, yay!

2018 ultimate reading challenge

  1. A book you read in school
  2. A book from your childhood
  3. A book published over 100 years ago – Heart of Darkness
  4. A book published in the last year – Genuine Fraud
  5. A non-fic book You can do it
  6. A book written by a male author – The Gift of Therapy
  7. A book written by a female author – Sunbathing in the rain
  8. A book by someone who isn’t a writer – When breath becomes air
  9. A book that became a film – The painted veil
  10. A book published in the 20th century – Changing Planes
  11. A book set in your hometown/ region – How I Became a Farmer’s Wife
  12. A book with a name in the title – A Man called Ove
  13. A book with a number in the title – Two Years Eight Months and Twenty-Eight Nights
  14. A book based on a true story – Dying Well
  15. A book someone else recommended – 1984
  16. A book with over 500 pages
  17. A book you can finish in a day – Ghachar Ghochar
  18. A previously banned book
  19. A book with one-word title – Malice
  20. A book translated from another language – Moonrise From the Green Grass Roof
  21. A personal growth book – The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up: The Japanese Art of Decluttering and Organizing
  22. A memoir or a journal – Tiger tiger
  23. A book by someone from another country – The Notebook
  24. A book set somewhere you’ll visit this year – The Blue Castle
  25. An award-winning book – Pulitzer Prize – Angela’s Ashes
  26. A book you read in school
  27. A book with a character with your first name
  28. A book with a place in the title – The Mayor of Casterbridge
  29. A book set in the future – Cinder
  30. A play – The live Corpse
  31. A scary book – Dracula
  32. A funny book – Where did you go, Bernadette
  33. A book of short stories – Blind Willow, Sleeping Woman
  34. A trilogy or series Me Before You
  35. A bestseller – The Hate U Give
  36. A book you own but haven’t read – Haroun and the sea of stories
  37. A book about philosophy
  38. An epic poem
  39. A Victorian novel
  40. A book of poetry
  41. A book with a colour in the title
  42. A book with an appealing cover – Everything everything
  43. A book about psychology – Love’s executioner and other tales of psychotherapy
  44. A book about science – The Mind’s Eye
  45. A graphic novel – Asterix the gaul
  46. A self-published book
  47. A book from a different culture– Shanghai Girls
  48. A young adult book – This sky
  49. A book of non-fiction essays – At the same time
  50. A book by an author you haven’t read before – Gifts
  51. A book set in a country you’ve never been to – Into the water
  52. A book set in the place you live today

39/ 52 Done

Definitely, lots of improvement is needed. Haha. Hoping 2019 is better reading-wise. How was your 2018?

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