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Hi! I love to read for a living ( I wish I did though). Well, I am a Clinical Psychologist who loves to do a lot of interesting things like reading (of course), writing poetry, travelling, baking etc. (the list goes on).

download-1I have been reading since I can’t even remember. My school library was a torture. I could only issue one book per week. I used to finish mine the day I got it. And then go after my sisters’. After that it was books exchanged from classmates and the ones my sister exchanged with hers so that we could survive the entire week until the next library day. Glad I got a like-minded sister that ways.

Reading did take a back seat during some years of my college life but I couldn’t stay away for long. In late 2011, I came across all these lovely book blogs and was tempted to have one of mine and so I did.  I love the book blogging community, they are very friendly. And since I have very few reader-friends in real life, the book bloggers are some of my closest friends.

I am addicted to reading, Goodreads and acquiring new books. On last count, I have 500 paperbacks, some 5k+ on my kindle and around 50 audio books. My bookshelf has reached its limits but my book-acquiring craziness knows no bounds. You got any cure for it?

My Bookshelf (that’s two rows deep).


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Interested in sending me an ARC or book for review, want me to do an interview, blog tour or giveaway, you are most welcome to mail me at with subject BOOK FOR REVIEW or fill out the form below.


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      1. I know and although I’d read that, I still couldn’t stop myself from posting one here. Its absolutely alright if you didn’t accept it.
        Enjoy! 🙂



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