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Synopsis: In modern Melbourne, Rosemary is introduced to a horrific truth about her parents, Shabana and Ted – a truth that goes all the way back to Kolkata, 1975. Even before the national crisis of the Emergency, social divisions are widening. Dark times are gathering.

Kolkata is also where Shabana and Ted meet: Shabana is a maid in the foreign office, while Ted is a young diplomat from Melbourne. The two form an unconventional relationship that grows into love under the shadow of Urdu poetry and Western literature.

Against cultural differences, both fight for acceptance – Ted from his manipulative mother, and Shabana from her overbearing father. They find themselves caught in a web of family secrets and betrayal, all to be re-introduced forty years later to Rosemary.

Will Rosemary take revenge?
Or will she disappear into the realm of her happiness?

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As an Indian ex-pat and an independent woman in her forties, author Nandita Chakraborty knows a lot about the pressures of a cross-cultural existence. After moving to Melbourne in search of a more modern life in 2000, Nandita had her own cross-cultural love story after she married a much older Anglo man. She experienced firsthand how love could divide and create huge misunderstanding between families. Despite having experienced many disappointments including the breakdown of her marriage Nandita has always been an advocate of love. After her divorce she like so many fell victim to a horrific blackmail encounter via an online dating experience. An occurrence which has become prolific in society today, especially for women. However, it was one of the darkest periods in India’s history known as ‘The Emergency’ which inspired her most recent love story, Rosemary’s Retribution

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About the Author – Nandita Chakraborty

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Nandita Chakraborty was born in Kolkatta, India into a small conservative family that has always been associated with arts. Her father was famous Bengali film producer, Dhiresh Kumar Chakraborty, who won many accolades in the field of Indian Cinema. His film, Aakaler Sandhane, was the first Indian film in a regional language to win the Silver Bear at the Berlin Film Festival in 1980. He also won the President’s gold medal and was an international award winner at the Venice and London Film Festivals. Her sense of creativity started at a young age. Along with her siblings, she was sent to boarding school at the age of seven in the hills of Meghalaya, India. Later, the family settled in New Delhi, where she attended Sri Venkateswara University and studied Political Science by day – and by night she would attend fashion and visual merchandising school.

In her third year in college, she went on to pursue Diploma in Visual Merchandising in Delhi, leaving behind her career in Political Science. She began to work with a well-known designer in India; and found fame and fortune down that path but it still did not leave her creatively satisfied. In 2000, she came to Melbourne, Australia where she started her own fashion boutique with her then husband. It was not until after a difficult divorce when she began searching for something that would define her purpose in life. She found solace in writing again. In 2011, Nandita fell 40 metres during a horrific rock climbing accident which left her with a traumatic brain injury resulting in a cognitive

In 2017, Nandita successfully published her second novella, Meera Rising – which was launched in both Australia and India.

These days Nandita is still living and writing in her adopted hometown of Melbourne and being inspired by love.

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Giveaway (US/ CAN): Dying Well by Susan Ducharme Hoben

39014241Genre: Non-Fiction, Memoir

Date Published: March 2018

Pages: 249

Source: Publisher

Goodreads Synopsis:

Dying Well is an inspiring love story telling of how a man celebrated life while facing his death with grace and dignity. His widow guides you through decisions made and actions taken on their nine-month journey from diagnosis through celebrations and goodbyes, to a peaceful death free of fear and regret. She shares lessons learned as their family came to terms with her husband’s impending death and found ways to make this last stage of his life as loving and joyous as possible. This uplifting end-of-life story offers a thought-provoking perspective on dying, one that may help you and those you love achieve what’s most important at the end of your lives.

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My View: I haven’t been taking on review requests, for the most part, considering my reading is moody and I pick up books from the library and then I buy some to participate in buddy reads. However, when the request for review for this one came in, I immediately said yes. One reason being I am focusing a whole lot on non-fiction this year. And secondly, the book’s synopsis spoke to me both psychologically and as a person. So here I am.

It’s easy to get tangled in Susan’s life without realizing it. She weaves her life into a story, introduces the characters, makes us get a feel for them before venturing on to what happens to these characters. And this is precisely what happened. Reading ‘Dying Well’ is not just about life and death but so much more. About family and relationships and savoring the joyous moments of life.

Susan comes across as courageous, practical, well organized and someone who has her head firmly planted on her shoulders. And through her words, we get to know Bruce, her husband who knew what he wanted and how he wanted it in the face of death when most people would crumble and hang onto every thread of life left.

Reading this book is taking a journey with Susan, a difficult one but it has its moments of celebrations and joys that make us feel proud of their entire family and experience a sense of contentment about how Bruce lived the last few months of his life.

This book is about embarking on a journey with bravery and courage. It’s a lesson in dying and how to do it well; how to really live until the last moment of one’s life when death is staring you in the eyes. This ensures there are no regrets and you have lived your life well.

It’s a must-read for anyone and everyone who has a family member with a terminal illness or is undergoing one, themselves. It gives you a perspective of how until death arrives, every moment of life is to be celebrated and made use of, with friendships fostered and relationships made even richer.

4/5 stars – I really liked it.

4 stars


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Author Bio:

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Susan didn’t set out to be a writer but when life presented her with a compelling story that needed to be told, she rose to the challenge, beginning a new phase of her life. She hopes that what she learned can help the reader, or someone they love, achieve what’s most important to them at the end of their lives.

Susan Ducharme Hoben is a former executive consultant with IBM’s Strategy and Change Consulting practice. She put her mathematics degree from Cornell University and graduate studies at Georgia Institute of Technology to good use in a thirty-five-year career in information technology that began with systems engineering with IBM and ended with consulting. Upon retirement, Sue founded a travel journal about luxury barging in Europe.

Susan lives in Connecticut on ancestral land, and frequently visits her six granddaughters (and their parents) in Silver Spring, Maryland, and Nashville, Tennessee. She celebrates life every day, never turning down an invitation, especially if it involves travel or dancing. Since retirement, in addition to regular sailing trips in the British Virgin Islands and barging trips in France, she seeks to expand her horizons by exploring a new destination each year, whether on safari in Africa, trekking the High Atlas Mountains of Morocco, sailing the Gulf of Thailand, or striking a yoga pose on the mountain peak that rises 850 feet above Machu Picchu.

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Norma Jean by Amanda Heath & Giveaway (INT)

normajeanECOVERjpgNorma Jean
By: Amanda Heath

The night Chance Duncan drunkenly kissed me on his couch, I vowed my revenge. I finally had something over his head, something that would bring him to his knees. It only served him right. He bullied me for years and turned me into this messed up person I am now. Though I didn’t know at the time he wasn’t that mean little boy
anymore. He was almost a man and easily stole my breath away. I just wanted to make him fall in love with me, then break his heart into a million pieces. Just the way mine was. Instead he put the pieces back together and I started to feel whole again.

Good things never last. He did what I was supposed to do. Broke my already fragile heart all over again. Betrayed and alone I fled my home town and started a new life where I wasn’t in the shadow of what I did.

Now he is back and trying to worm his way into my heart, again. Though he will never know it will always belong to him. He hurt me and I want nothing to do with him. Life has other plans. Doesn’t it always? He doesn’t know though. Doesn’t know what I’m hiding or who I’m hiding from. I never thought I would see Chance again and I’m afraid that he’ll get hurt getting mixed up in my mess. Though he is right in the middle of it, without even knowing it. I have to find a way for us to get out, before somebody dies.

My name is Norma Jean and this isn’t a fairytale.

*This title is a new adult novel and not for those under 18 for sexual content and subject matter.*

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My View: Woah, just look at that cover! It kind of takes my breath away. There’s this raw, sensual feel to it. Just wow!

The book starts off on a great note. A beautiful girl, a twisted moment and an idea of revenge, I like that! The plot is pretty innovative, to say the least. I like the way this New Adult plot develops.

The name of the book as the name of the main protagonist is very unique and fresh in itself. The characters are well developed. The story moves at a decent pace. There are various twists and turns to keep up the interest.

Overall, this book entails a different plot and a decent read.

Author Bio:

Amanda lives in southern Arkansas with her husband and young child. She enjoys reading, writing, and drinking tons of Dr. Pepper. You can find her sitting on the couch with either her head in a book or typing on her laptop. Amanda is the author of This Beautiful Thing, Fire In Her Eyes, Angel Cuffs, and Norma Jean. Wrong Kind of Love will be released this June.

Author Stalker Links: Facebook / Blog / Twitter / GoodreadsAuthor Page

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Secret for a Song by S. K. Falls & Giveaway

SecretForASongCoverSecret for a Song  by S.K. Falls
Publication date: June 3rd, 2013
Genre: NA Coming-of-Age

Synopsis: Saylor Grayson makes herself sick. Literally.She ate her first needle when she was seven. Now, at nineteen, she’s been kicked out of college for poisoning herself with laxatives. The shrinks call it Munchausen Syndrome. All Saylor knows is that when she’s ill, her normally distant mother pays attention and the doctors and nurses make her feel special.Then she meets Drew Dean, the leader of a local support group for those with terminal diseases. When he mistakes her for a new member, Saylor knows she should correct him. But she can’t bring herself to, not after she’s welcomed into a new circle of friends. Friends who, like Drew, all have illnesses ready to claim their independence or their livesFor the first time, Saylor finds out what it feels like to be in love, to have friends who genuinely care about her. But secrets have a way of revealing themselves. What will happen when Saylor’s is out?



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My Views: “She ate her first needle when she was seven.”

Can you explain your reaction after you have read the above sentence? Because that is how the book starts and that’s exactly how it hooked me in with its very first sentence. And it never really did let me go.

I LOVED the plot! It’s unlike any New Adult plot out there which is a major plus. Because I’m really tired of all the similar themes going around in the name of New Adult. This one just shines out, it’s completely different from anything I have ever read.

And oh, did I tell you that I absolutely love that cover. It’s so stunning! Also, I have read another book by the author written under the pen name of Adriana Ryan – World of Shell and Bone  (read my review) which I absolutely loved. So of course, I jumped at the chance of reading this one. Now it’s official. I am a fan of Ms. S. K. Falls aka Adriana Ryan for life. I have already got her other books on my TBR and would highly recommend you to give her books a try too.

Anyway, coming back to the book, I love the characters. The main protagonist is such an amazing character, the way she has been etched out is superb! Full points to the author for bringing about the disorder with such clarity and uniqueness. Other characters are really well written too. I fell in love with so many of them.

The book is heart-tugging and I loved the whole psychological angle to it. Pretty interesting.

The pace is really good, at no point did I feel I had had enough or it was too slow. The story kept me on my toes throughout.

Overall, I was completely bowled over by this book. A great quick read which is emotional and intense. Highly recommended.

4.5 stars – Between ‘I really liked it’ and ‘I loved it’.download (9)

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Adriana Ryan is the pen name of writer S.K. Falls. 

A huge fan of spooky stuff and shoes, I enjoy alternately hitting up the outlet malls and historic graveyards in Charleston, SC where I live and imbibe coffee. My husband and two small children seem not to mind when I hastily scribble novel lines on stray limbs in the absence of notepads.

Since no writer’s biography is complete without mention of her menagerie of animals, you should know I have one dog that doubles as a footstool, a second that functions as a vacuum cleaner, and a cat that ensures I never forget that my hands are, first and foremost, for pouring cat food.

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